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    Asahi newspaper has been reporting on the stories of survivors of the March 11th great Sendai earthquake.  One interesting fact is that many fishermen and those who were working out at sea survived the Tsunami.  In Iwate ken, Ofuna city, a fisherman named Kashiwazaki was working a little out to the sea, taking care of his seaweed farm. He realized that
the earthquake was different from usual.  Fortunately his wife and son were with him in the boat.  He immediately pushed their boat into deeper sea and waited for the Tsunami at a point where the water depth was ~70 meters.        
    After 15 minutes, the Tsunami came but Kashiwazaki said, “The entire boat must have been lifted as the water level rose so we didn’t even feel anything.”  Another fisherman Michishita and his father went through the same experience on a 3 ton fishing boat.  Michishita said that he remembered the old wisdom he has heard from a long time ago, “Tsunami does not get high at deep sea.”  Likewise his father heard from a senior fisherman that he had survived a huge Tsunami in 1933 because he headed out to the sea.  Given these thoughts, they also pushed their boat deeper into the sea, a few kilometers away from the fishing harbor. Although he didn’t realize that the boat went over the Tsunami, when he looked back, he saw the huge forming waves at the fishing harbor.
    The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries made guidelines for people after the Fukuoka earthquake in
2005  that urged people to escape to sea where the water depth is deeper than 50 meters if escaping to sea is faster than escaping to land.
    A video dated March 18th 2011 is posted below of the experiences of the Japanese coast guard who found their ship going over the giant tsunami.  A longer version is available at


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